Saturday, 19 January 2013

The end of Twitter RSS support

Unfortunately Twitter have deprecated RSS support, and it looks like it'll be gone for good on March 5th - meaning any Blogtrottr subscriptions to Twitter RSS feeds are likely to stop working completely at that time.

Being an RSS to email service, this somewhat removes Blogtrottr's ability to work with Twitter, so I'm afraid we have to suggest that you make alternative arrangements to get your Twitter updates via email in the future.

One of the most popular alternative services at the moment appears to be tweetymail - so you may want to head over there and check out their offerings.

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, but as I'm sure you're appreciate, this one is rather out of our hands.


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  2. not a good step from twitter. I am unable to figure out the reason behind this move!

  3. @Fahad, Twitter want to force people into their ecosystem, with retweets and "featured tweets". It's the same mentality that has lead to Google closing Reader in order to force people to use Google+. They no longer care about interoperability or open standards, they want you to use their website and proprietary system for maximum profit. Thankfully sites such as Blogtrottr exist for those of us who prefer to read everything in one place.

  4. I recommend this Twitter application which produces RSS feeds from your twitter feed: Haven't had any problems with it in a very long time.

  5. You could also check out