Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Importing subscriptions from Google Reader

The venerable and long serving Google Reader will be closing it's doors later this year, however as Google allows you to export your existing subscriptions into an OPML file, you can easily import them into Blogtrottr.

Export your subscriptions from Google Reader

Click the 'Settings' gear icon in Google Reader, and choose 'Reader Settings'

Select the Import/Export tab, and click the Download your data through takeout link

Click the Create Archive button

And download the archive.

Open up the downloaded zip file, navigate into the Reader folder, and extract the subscriptions.xml file.  This is in a standard OPML format that can be imported into Blogtrottr.

Import your subscriptions into Blogtrottr

Log into your Blogtrottr account (if you've not got one yet, you can sign up here)

From the My Subscriptions page, click OPML import

Choose the subscriptions.xml file from earlier, and click Import, and you're done!