Wednesday 26 October 2016

Carnage on the Race Track!

Blogtrottr are proud to be sponsoring the Formula Pi races in 2016; a test of wits and skill for coders of all ages from around the world.  Formula Pi races involve putting identical self driving robots on a track, all run on a Raspberry Pi using different code which is sent in by each competitor.  When the lights turn green the aim is to ensure your code gets the robots around the track quicker than any of the other robots on the track, a task much less straightforward than it sounds.

The first test races for the Formula Pi winter race 2016 series are now underway, and they are keeping us tuned in.  In the first test session a false start, numerous crashes, pile ups, flips and the loss of a wheel on one of the robots helped highlight a few potential issues whilst also providing entertaining watching.  There will be things to improve on for when the races take place in November.

The next testing session was on Monday 24th October, no doubt providing more entertaining watching.  
Entries to the the final races themselves close at the end of the month, and Blogtrottr will be continuing to sponsor and watch.

Find out about taking part at