Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Free plan becomes Unlimited once again!

When we first announced our intention to bring in paid plans way back in 2011, I optimistically wrote "The unrestricted basic service will always be available for free", based on the idea that we'd be able to make the free service ad-supported.  Many companies were contacted over the next couple of years, much was discussed, and many good leads were had - but ultimately we were unable to find someone who could deliver aesthetic, contextually relevant, family safe advertising in emails, whilst maintaining the privacy of user email addresses.  And so, reluctantly, the decision was taken to cap the Free plan.

Since the introduction of the paid plans, many people have reached out to us to let us know that they really miss having an unlimited free service, something which I completely understand - Blogtrottr was built around 'free', and taking that away always felt like we were removing something fundamental.

So, we've gone back, rolled up our collective sleeves, and tried again.  And this time, we've come up trumps - we've teamed up with an exciting new company, LaunchBit, whose innovative approach allows us to bring you good quality, relevant advertising that should genuinely be of interest.

So, effective immediately, there is no more Free plan cap.  And what's more, that allows us to raise the Lite plan subscription limit to 250!

We'll be slowly introducing these adverts into Free plan emails over the coming weeks.  Needless to say, paid plans will remain advert free!

Users who wish to change plans can do so at any time by logging in and visiting the plans page.