Tuesday 6 June 2017

When our users make us smile

Who doesn’t love a bit of positive feedback? Blogtrottr started life because of our passion to provide a service that was missing in our lives, and we wanted to share it with other people. Blogtrottr has developed over the years to do more than providing your favourite blogs and news feeds into your inbox as and when you want it, but that is still core to what we do.

We had this message land in our inbox the other day, and it made us smile as we shared it around our virtual office. We are glad it is working as well as we hope and aim for. Thank you!

“This service has worked for me for years. Through my changing devices maybe five times, switching operating systems from Windows to Android, at least three ISPs, and a couple of dozen browsers... never skipped a beat, never had a blip of a problem.
So thank you.” - Emarell

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